Accessibility & Cookies

The utmost care has been taken to make this website as accessible to as many users as possible. The website has been tested for color blindness and is equal in its visual presentation. The website has been tested on many browser platforms. However, the website does make use of current technologies so as to offer the best possible web experience and this means that all features are not possible on older browsers.

This website is best viewed in one of the latest browsers (as of winter 2011/2012). IE9, Firefox 9.0, Google Chrome. To achieve a full experience with this website it is recommended that you upgrade if you are using IE7 to at least IE8. If you use a windows xp operating system you will be unable to upgrade to IE9 because Microsoft do not support IE9 on this platform. Support accross the web for old browsers, including support from google, is being gradually withdrawn so an upgrade will benefit your entire web experience.

Cookies are not used with this website but information is gathered by means of google analytics so as to track the typical use of this website and assist with any future improvements. This is typical of most websites. If you would like to know more about the information gathered then please contact the web master via the link in the bottom-right hand corner of this website.

There may be occasional updates or amendments to this statement.